BakFlip VP performs in heavy tropical storm

We received a really complimentary email at BAK Industries this morning from a Tom Walrath, singing the praisess of his brand new BakFlip VP for his Honda Rdigeline. Here's what he said in his own words:

"Just got my Bakflip VP installed on my 2013 Honda Ridgeline last week by Chris and the guys at Capworld in Sarasota, FL. See attached photos of it as it just went through Tropical Storm Andrea, without 1 drop of water in the bed. Awesome cover. Thanks, Tom"

BakFlip VP Honda Ridgeline BakFlip VP Honda Ridgeline in rain

The BakFlip VP has proven to be not just a price competitive alternative, but a tonneau cover that is really proving to be one that stands up to the harshest of climates. It's a no nonsense cover that we at BAK are fast becoming overwhelmingly proud of. These sorts of unsolicited emails, like the one we just received from this happy customer are actually the norm. It makes it easy to come to work in the morning. It makes us feel proud to know that we can build a solid product right here in the USA that is not ust better looking, not just better performing, but competitive on the price front as well.

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