BAK Industries new 2014 product releases

In 2009 BAK had new tonneau cover idea’s brewing. And finally in 2012 BAK Industries released the Roll-X. Roll-X became the new idea in truck bed covers that has grown to become very popular among truck enthusiasts since it’s release.  Roll-X is the World’s 1st Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover.


Roll-X features an easy roll-up, hard aluminum top that rolls easily out of the way on top of the bed without any canister. This provides 100% access to the bed while strapped open yet remains secure on the truck ready to close and protect your cargo. The ease of access and ease of securing the bed is where Roll-X shines. Although, the real value may be how well Roll-X works with so many other accessories that truck enthusiast love.


The Roll-X has an OE fitted rail design that clamps to the pick up bed without drilling. Every BAK Industries rail including the Roll-X rail has a ½ inch load retaining flange with performs several functions. This ½ load bearing flange engineered into every Roll-X carries the weight of the cover and its load on top to the pick up bed rail in order to support up to 500 lbs of distributed weight.  The flange also aligns the rail to the truck and with its horizontal seal ensures the rail will not leak between the bed cap when installed with correct compression.


The Roll-X has strong aluminum slats underneath the devastating good looks of OEM leather grain vinyl. BAK developed a new technology where the vinyl is laminated over the aluminum roll top for a smooth watertight fit. No stitching is necessary with BAK’s unique lamination process. There is NO Velcro or hook and loop! The side seals are EPDM which is durable to extreme temperatures without expanding or shrinking while maintaining a water tight fit without cracking or discoloring over the years.

 Roll-X rail

Roll-X employs a patented rotational locking rail that mechanically locks the entire length of the truck bed when closed and latched at the tailgate. All you do is lock your tailgate to secure the entire bed. When you unlock and lower your tailgate the cover has easy accessible quick release cables protected underneath on either side that will allow you to release the cover and roll it away. The rails are spring loaded to automatically unlock when the latch at the tailgate is released. There are also locking actuators at the tailgate which rotate and engage the locking rail once the cover is closed.


Current Roll-X models produced since mid year 2013 also offer matched rails and cover that are precisely matched in length for a more refined fit a trim. The tailgate is now sealed with a new design compression bulb seal hidden under the rear end of the cover for a neat fitment  that now allows the tailgate to open and close more easily whether the cover is closed or not.

 Roll-X closed

Roll-X rails will allow 100% access to the stake pocket holes found on full size trucks. These mounting locations can still be used with the Roll-X cover installed to accommodate stake pocket anchors, tie downs, bed rails, headache racks with tonneau cover mounting hardware, bed rail grab bars and even contractor grade racks like Trac Rac G2 capable of holding over 1200 lbs over head. The Roll-X also allow OE accessories like bed extenders, tailgate steps, sliding tie down track systems, bed liners and more to be used simultaneously with the Roll-X installed and no interference. Check with a BAK Authorized Dealer for a list of the accessories that can be added with your new Roll-X cover.


Roll-X HD

Roll-X HD is new for 2014 and represents another leap forward in BAK Industries tonneau cover design. The front section of the cover is larger with dual mounting bolts for a more secure mount to the truck. The rear of the cover has also been extended to allow a more forgiving fit with trucks that have drop in plastic bed liners while eliminating the need to modify or trim the liner.


The largest advancement in the Roll-X HD is the larger locking rail. Now the Roll-X HD has over twice the locking ability so if you go off road or if you just want a cover that is more secure then Roll-X HD has the features you need most. Roll-X HD is stronger and more secure while still offering all the access and provides for mounting the most accessories than any other hard cover design.


Roll-X - Tradesman

This year the Roll-X Hard Roll-Up Bed Cover is released with a new trim to fit the opening behind your pick-up’s contractor tool box in the bed of your truck. BAK has customers demanding more and we are providing it. Many contractors need the security of a real contractors tool box. The New Roll-X Tradesman now fits with 19”-20” tool boxes from front to tailgate measurement. Compatable tool boxes must have latches that rest above the rails and preferably point towards the side of the truck. Cross boxes, wing boxes and many other tool box designs will work if installed properly.


Roll-X Tradesman part numbers end in -20 which leave a 20” opening in the front of the bed for the tool box you choose.


Roll-X Tradesman also fits with Headache Racks combined with many of the most popular 19”-20” tool boxes. These Roll-X Tradesman part numbers end in -25 which leave a 25” opening in the front of the bed for the tool box and headache rack you choose. A filler plate is used in front of the tool box underneath the headache rack.


Custom installation may be required. Not all tool box and or headache rack combinations may work. Ask your BAK Authorized Dealer what they recommend.


Roll-X - XT

Roll-X XT is yet another advancement in Roll-X rail technology. BAK Industries has changed the game yet again. The new Roll-X XT model comes complete with a new accessory mounting channel inside the bed where a host of new accessories can be mounted. Now your Roll-X XT can accommodate The BAK Box 2, BAK Stop cargo divider, BAK Bike Rack, Tie Downs, Mag Lite clip on mount with swivel for illuminating the bed, side box options and more. The innovation at BAK Industries never stops and the Roll-X XT is proof that you can get the most out of your truck and mount even more of the accessories you need most with this new Roll-X XT design.



BAK is always moving forward and as we have perfected the Roll-X design this year we have not stopped working on more ways for BAK Flip to out perform the competition. The BAK Flip XT is available for the first time this year with an amazing new accessory channel designed as part of the BAK Flip rail. The BAK Flip rail has the infamous and patented ½ load bearing flange which makes it strongest when clamped to your truck. This patented design allows the BAK Flip rail to seal better, align easily to the truck, but most importantly the flange carriers the load. Now with the advancement of the BAK Flip XT rail there are even more reasons to choose BAK Flip XT for your hard folding cover needs.

 BakFlip XT

Now your BAK Flip XT can accommodate The BAK Box 2, BAK Stop-cargo divider, BAK Bike Rack, Tie Downs, Mag Lite clip on mount with swivel for illuminating the bed, side box options and more. The innovation at BAK Industries never stops and the BAK Flip XT is proof that you can get the most out of your truck and mount even more of the accessories you need most with this new BAK Flip XT designs.


BAK Flip XT will be available in standard and premium models. As you BAK Authorized Dealer which cover will best fit your needs and your wallet.


This year there are more covers to choose from when you are trying to decide what you need from a tonneau cover. BAK Industries is working overtime to deliver quality products that are made in American with original patented designs. We are confident that you'll find our range of superior products a perfect fit for your truck and your lifestyle.  





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