• ProCaps uses 3M tape
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ProCaps Bedrail Caps

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BAK ProCaps Design &Innovation

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ProCaps are the world's most accurate fitting bed rail caps and tailgate caps. They are made from a high impact resistant ABS plastic and UV protected. ProCaps match your door handles and side view mirrors and are custom contoured to fit the precise lines of your pickup truck rails.Known for their incredible accuracy and fit, ProCaps offer a stylish alternative to factory bed rail caps while providing the same quality you would expect from OEM. Rugged and durable with a custom contour, ProCaps protect your painted rails and provide a better fit for other accessories.

• High impact resistant ABS plastic
• UV protected
• CNC precision trimmed
• Finish matched to door handles and side view

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Technical Specs of BAK ProCaps
ProCaps finish:ABS plastic
Thickness125 mil
Tape:60 mil 3M
InstallNo drill
Warranty1 year
Tailgate includedNo
TextureHair cell
Contour fitYes
Weight of box:8 LBS
Install tools:None
Maintenance:Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.
Made in USAYes

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