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RollBAK Design &Innovation

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The RollBAK is constructed of a series of 1/2" thick aluminum slats, interlinked together to provide an exceptionally rigid surface that will stand up to heavy use. The interlocked system easily glides along Teflon rails and can be locked into place at multiple positions. When fully retracted, the system neatly stows into a space saving canister in the truck bed, and can pull out quickly and easily with the included strap.

• 1/2" thick aluminum slats
• Rolls up into spring loaded canister
• Simple release cable opens cover from either side
• Locks with tailgate
• Sleek, low-profile look
• Mildew resistant felt lined underside
• Easy-glide Teflon® rails
• 100% stake pocket hole access for other accessories
• 2-year warranty

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Technical Specs of RollBAK Tonneau Cover
Exterior:Aircraft grade aluminum
Canister:Impact resistant ABS plastic
Finish:Black textured powder coat
Locks:Dual latching
Intermittent stopping:Yes
Thickness:½ inch
Operation:Automatic spring tension
Weight rating:500 lb. evenly distributed
Average Size canister:9 inches
Weight of cover:120 lb.
Maintenance:Periodic greasing of rails
Warranty:2 years

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