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There a couple ways to track your order. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. You may also check your Account area. Also you can contact our Customer Service Department and someone can help you with that information.
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Please contact customer service at 1-818-365-9000 Mon-Fri 5:30am-4pm PST.
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To find a specific part number on our website, please choose a product, then select your year, make and model of your vehicle. Once the select has been made the part number will appear underneath the product description.
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At this time, no we don't.
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At this time no we only ship within the continental U.S.
There is a wide assortment of choices in the BAKFlip line that each carry unique characteristics depending on your individual needs or climate. The BAKFlip VP is our most lightweight and water resistant cover, while the BAKFlip F1 premier cover is designed to withstand the harshest conditions. The BAKFlip G2 is superior in harsh UV Sunbelt areas, and the BAKFlip Fibermax performs well in harsh weather conditions such as hail. Be sure to check out the BAKFlip COMPARISON CHART to help zero in on what works best for you.
Out of sight, out of mind has a significant value in any truck bed cover, but you can lock your cargo secure by simply locking your tailgate the pull cables which release the cover become inaccessible and turn your truck bed into a lockable storage compartment.
Yes. The BAKFlip fits inside the bed and follows the inner contours of your truck, allowing the cover to sit flush.
This is done to prevent the cover from slamming forward in the event that your cargo makes contact with the cover, thus preventing damage and also helps provide added visibility to the CHMSL (Center High Mount Safety Light: aka Third Brake Light) which is a unique feature patented by BAK Industries.
No. BAK uses D-shaped bumpers to prevent any direct contact between the cab, the back window and your BAKFlip.
BAKFlip rails have a load-baring flange, and folding panels with a solid ½” EPS core, allowing your BAKFlip to carry up to 400lbs of weight on the top depending on the model you choose.
Sure, but a little common sense also helps the product last longer. Rather than stand on the top surface, you can fold the cover over a couple times to make the folded top stronger. Then you are actually standing on the bottom of the cover where any scuffs will be unseen when closed.
Yes. The ability to drive with the BAKFlip flipped up against the cab is apart of BAKFlip’s design. Locking prop rods will secure the cover open on each side allowing you to drive with the cover open at safe highway speeds.
Yes, new straps and buckles have become standard on new BAKFlip models. Strapping the cover down flat on the rails behind the cab allows incremental access to the bed and improved rear window visibility.
Easy. Every new truck seems to have an OE tailgate lock, but if your truck does not have a locking tailgate, a Pop & Lock or similar lock can be added to your truck to complete the bed security.
Yes and no. If the BAKFlip is completely flipped up against the cab then no, the BAKFlip will block the window. But so will your refrigerator. You may also consider re-arranging your cargo and strap the BAKFlip down in the folded position, which will provide improved rear window visibility. Don’t forget to use your side view mirrors for added safety.
Ultimately no truck bed cover is 100% waterproof. However, if properly installed the BAKFlip in a leader in its class at keeping the bed dry. Although gaps at the tailgate and other areas of the bed can allow minimal water in, there are also special installation techniques to become the most watertight fit possible. Local BAK Authorized Dealers experts are standing by for a professional installation for you to ensure the best possible outcome to fit your needs.
BAKFlips are easy to remove with a simple pin on each side and a thumbscrew underneath, and without the use of tools.
If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, such as hail, we highly recommend the FRP Fiberglass series, which is the most dent and ding resistant product we have available. The aluminum series product while provides outstanding UV protection for the sun belt areas but is more susceptible to dents and dings as a result of hail.
It depends on the circumstances. Normal wear and tear items have simple service parts that help keep everything working 100%. Most local dealers will cover this service as part of the sale price if you buy the cover at a local dealer and have them install it.
Sometimes, your side seals of your BakFlip cover will appear to be wrinkled shortly after initially installing the cover. That's because it's been folded up in a box for an extended period of time. But not to worry, the rubber seals used on a BakFlip have a memory. That means they'll revert back to their original shape when exposed to heat. You can leave your truck in the sun, or to expedite, just apply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun. See the video for a good look at how it's done.
BAK Industries is proud to produce all of truck bed covers in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Springfield, Missouri.
No. If you are a weekend mechanic and have some basic tools, BAKFlip is an easy install. If you don’t have spare time a Local BAK Authorized Dealer can make it simple to have the best experience with the cover. You may want to talk to your local dealers before ordering if you want to go the easy route.
Yes. If you can twist a 9/16 wrench, all it takes is a little time, and the step-by-step installation guide that’s included in the box. There are also video’s on the BAK website that can walk you through an install, and show you how to bolt on the BAKFlip with ease. It typically takes about 30 minutes to install a BAKFlip.
No. Your BAKFlip will simply clamp on to the rail of your truck with our specially designed, easy-to-use clamp system. All that’s required to install a typical BAKFlip cover is one 9/16 wrench. There are three clamps to tighten on each side to secure the cover. For long bed trucks, there are generally four clamps on each side.
BAKFlip covers vary in size, depending on whether it fits a short bed or a long bed truck. A typical cover, together with its rails will weight approximately 55 lbs.
BAKFlip panels are sandwich panels. Although they are relatively light in weight, they are extremely strong. Depending on which cover you choose, the exterior will either be made of impact resistant fiberglass polymer, or aircraft grade aluminum. The inner core of the BAKFlip is a high density EPS (polystyrene). This allows the BAKFlip panels to be insulated and impact resistant. Most importantly, the panels are completely watertight.
Yes, the BAKFlip is designed to work with any spray on liner, BedRug, or under the rail bedliner. It will also work with many aftermarket bed rail caps that did not come equipped from the factory.
Yes, you should look into the BAKFlip CS Series. This is a 500lb lifestyle rack that is integrated with the BAKFlip and offers a special rail design.
Yes, you can buy the specialty BAKFlip CS rail and rack separately, however it is less expensive if you buy it as a complete kit, rather than add it later. TracRac SR can work with a BAKFlip with some effort and custom installation. The TracRac SR is rated to 1000lbs on most applications. However, the folding cover will have some interference if the racks are anywhere other than at the far ends at the front and back of the bed. The BAKFlip Prop Rods will need to be modified and cut shorter. Other rack options are under investigation as to what does and does not work. You may want to check with a local BAK Authorized Dealer for more options .
Yes Back Rack Headache Racks integrate perfectly with BAKFlips, as long as you order the “Tonneau Cover Accessory Mounting Kit” from Back Rack. Other brands of headache racks may also work as long as they do not mount to or interfere with the vertical surface of the bed rail at the opening where the BAKFlip Rail clamps into place. They need to mount to the top horizontal surface only. BAKFlip provides access to stake pocket holes for this type of mounting hardware, or a bolt can be drilled through the bedrail if other bolt-on options do not exist.
Yes, BAK offers the BAKBox2 – a convenient, fold away toolbox that is concealed underneath the BAKFlip cover and clamps into the BAKFlip rails to hold over 200lbs of assorted small cargo. The BAKBox2 provides the organization of a toolbox, while the BAKFlip secures the contents of your entire truck bed when the cover is closed.
Yes. The OE Ford Bed Extender works perfectly. Aftermarket bed extenders are adjustable to work with the BAKFlip. An adapter may be required.
Yes, most Bed Rail Bars mount to the stake pocket holes or drill through the top of the truck bed rail. In some cases they will need to be adjusted. If there is a large plastic foot that interferes, some trimming of the plastic may be necessary.
Yes (+/- ¼ inch). The patented Revolver X2 rails drop the cover down inside the rail opening so the cover fits flush with the truck side rails. This means that you will not lose any rear visibility while driving or backing up when the cover is closed.
Revolver X2 performs outstanding to help keep your bed dry. While the OE marine-grade vinyl roll top is seamless and sheds water away easily, OE manufacturers do leave gaps in the sheet metal to allow water to get out, and sometimes these locations allow water in. You can add a tailgate seal to improve the water tight fit.
The Revolver X2 is possibly the world’s simplest cover to operate. Simply unlock and lower the tailgate, and pull the cable release from either side of the truck bed. There is no heavy lifting and the cover easily rolls with one hand up the bed rails. Closing the cover is even easier with universal tailgate function that lets the user close the tailgate with the cover open or closed.
Yes. Just like all products, a little common sense goes a long way. Clear away any snow or ice, using care not to damage the product before you attempt to operate the cover. Don’t force it.
The Revolver X2 can carry up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight on the top. And yes, it has been stood on for testing purposes simply because customers want to know. This said, we do not recommend standing on the cover for many reasons including safety and possible scuffs.
Yes. The most popular trucks that commonly have track systems with tie downs are Tundra, Tacoma, Frontier and Titan. The trucks allow the continued use of the track system for tie downs, bed extender mounts and other OE and aftermarket accessories.
No. Revolver X2 installs on most trucks by using a simple C clamp, and the others offer a custom OE installation to pre-existing mounting locations in the bed.
No. The watertight OEM marine-grade vinyl and the EPDM seals are superior at shedding the water over the side of the truck, and at keeping water from getting into the bed.
A 9/16 wrench and a ½ inch wrench *Tacoma and Tundra with OR track systems also require a T30 wrench.
Basic mechanical skills will get the Revolver X2 installed. A watertight installation depends on attention to simple details. BAK has over 3,500 dealers in North America who are there to help with both sales and installation if needed.
Yes, depending on normal use and care. BAK uses OEM Marine-grade vinyl to ensure a premium quality that will last. Soap and water wash, shammy dry. Use an approved vinyl cleaner/protectant such as 303 Aerospace Protectant to clean hard water spots and keep the vinyl and seals optimal.
Revolver X2 does not use any Velcro. BAK uses a revolutionary patented mechanical locking rail that secures the 50lb roll top the entire length of the truck bed.
No. The Revolver X2 uses rotational locking rails that rotate ¾ inch locking teeth into the roll top locking blocks the entire length of the truck bed. We did all the difficult work in the engineering department so the cover is simple to operate properly.
Almost all new trucks now come with tailgate locks standard. If your truck does not have a locking tailgate, then most dealers can help you add one.
No, Revolver X2 does not rattle. Pre-applied shims and a 2x larger locking rail ensures the Revolver X2 is locked to the rails and cannot lift or rattle. In addition, the buckles on Revolver X2 are bolted to the top allowing the Revolver X2 to be whisper quiet.
When rolled up, the Revolver X2 diameter is approximately: 6.5” diameter - Short beds 5’ 6” 7” diameter - Standard beds 6’ 6” and 7.5” diameter - Long beds 8’. You should be able to see over the roll top to the edge of the tailgate out the back window. The roll top will allow better visibility than an average toolbox, and when rolled open, the Revolver X2 will be shorter than the rear headrests found in most new truck back seats.
Yes. The Revolver X2 will only block the bottom 1/3rd of the rear window on your average full size truck.
No, in fact the seals used by the Revolver X2 are not rubber. They are EPDM, which is an aero space compound used to manufacture O-rings that go into the engine block. This amazing compound will not crack or degrade over time, and will not expand in severe heat or shrink in sub-zero cold. These qualities ensure the product lasts the life of the average truck.
That depends on the issue at hand. Often times service parts are provided to address warranty concerns.
That depends on the rack manufacturer. See your local BAK Authorized Dealer for more information on what products work best. 90 degree angle iron base mounts do not work. Mounts that go to the stake pocket hole and sit flat on the top of the bed rail can typically be adjusted to work very well in combination with Revolver X2.
Revolver X2 turns your entire truck bed into a locked toolbox, and the BAKBox2 is offered to provide the organization you need for small parts. You may also find a tool chest that can fit below the rail and under the Revolver X2. At this time Revolver X2 does not work with a cross box style toolbox that goes across the bed on top of the rails.
In most cases yes. Revolver X2 works with OE bed cap protectors, plastic drop-in bed liners and spray-in liners, it also works with tie down/track systems, bed lighting systems, tailgate steps and bed extenders. There are some OE racks and toolboxes that may interfere. Check with your local BAK Authorized Dealer for more details.
Yes, the Revolver X2 can be removed by unbolting two ½ inch nuts on either side. However, the beauty of the Revolver X2 design is the way it gives access to 100% of the bed without having to remove the cover.