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Since 1997, BAK Industries has been producing the world's number 1 selling bed rail caps and tailgate caps. The popularity of our range of ProCaps ABS redcaps and tailgate caps stems from their incredible accuracy and fit. Every bed rail cap that we make is produced to absolute precision and then trimmed not by hand, but rather by CNC robots to ensure absolute reliability and predictability when it comes to a perfect contoured fit. Because our bed rail protectors are so often sold with our tonneau covers, the necessity for them to be as accurately as possible is critical. That's because the fit of our redcaps is directly related to the way our tonneau covers will fit. BAK Industries takes huge pride in the way our range of ProCaps are made, trimmed and even packaged. We make them in our own factory, right here in San Fernando, California and each unit is inspected for perfection prior to distribution. Every set of ProCaps is UV protected and made from high end impact resistant ABS plastic. We use more 3M tape under our caps than any other brand too, to ensure that they never vibrate loose from the truck rails and remain solid at all times. If you're in the market for the best bed rail protection and tailgate caps that money can buy, then look no further than BAK ProCaps. They're as good as it gets!
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