Hard Folding

Hard Folding

BAK Industries designed and patented the popular BAKFlip hard folding tonneau, which is the only hard folding truck bed cover to give you full access to the entire truck bed. While tri-fold tonneau covers are very popular, BAK has taken the category to new heights with it's range of BAKFlip Quad-fold tonneau covers. 

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BAKFlip G2
Durable, Solid Core Panels
Starting At: $830

The BAKFlip G2 offers full bed access and maximum theft protection.

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BAKFlip F1
Premium Universal Tailgate Operation
Starting At: $1080

All-new upgraded rear seal allows the tailgate to close with the cover up or down.

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BAKFlip FiberMax
Fiberglass Reinforced Panel Top Skin
Starting At: $960

The BAKFlip FiberMax is an easy-to-use, dependable cover that is built to last.

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Heavy-Duty Aluminum Matte Finish
Starting At: $1019

The MX4’s resilient infrastructure is designed for everyday use, with upgraded components that provide enhanced resistance to the elements.