The BakBox 2 is an upgraded, strengthen and refined version of the very popular BakBox. The BakBox 2 is designed to fit seamlessly with all BakFlip tonneau covers for most models of trucks. It also fits trucks equipped with the all new Roll-X tonneau cover. So now, regardless of what kind of BAK cover you have, you can outfit your rig with a stylish new BakBox 2. 

The incredible BakBox 2 is designed to fold away when not in use, giving you full access to the valuable payload in your truck. Where other toolboxes get in the way, the BakBox 2 conveniently folds out of the way for better aesthetics and far better overall functionality. The BakBox 2 is designed to handle hundreds of lbs of weight and can be positioned almost anywhere up and down the rails of your pickup truck for ultimate cargo control. It comes with a strong sliding tray and assembles in just seconds.

When it comes to security, the out of sight out of mind design of the BakBox means that your tools or valuables can even be seen when the tonneau cover is closed. And since all BAK covers lock, you'll be pleased to know that the BakBox 2 is as secure as it is good looking. Made from high impact fiberglass, aluminum and EPS panels, with corrosion proof hinges, the BakBox 2 is versatile enough to handle daily impact from shifting loads, and cool enough to be used as a cooler for drinks when picknicking. Check out the coolest box ever made for your truck, the BakBox 2.

In addition to the BakBox2 working with the BakFlip cover, it also works outstandingly well on the all new Roll-X hard roll-up cover.

BakBox 2 fold-away toolbox for BAK covers

When it comes to making better tonneau covers, BAK Industries lends plenty of focus to aesthetics. We understand that your truck is an extension of yourself in many ways. BAK tonneau covers not only look cooler, but perform better on all levels and enhance both the functionality and appearance of your pickup. BAnd in the same way as we're sticklers for flush, clean and strong covers, we're also big fans of being organized. There's nothing quite like having a solid, flush mount BAK tonneau on your truck, with all your gear neatly organized in the BakBox2.
















BakBox2 with BakFlip on 2014 Chevy Silverado

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