Roll-X Tradesman

Roll-X Tradesman is now available to fit your work truck behind your contractor tool box. Roll-X is the world’s first hard roll up tonneau cover that rolls up on top of the rails eliminating any canister and allowing a water tight fit, while offering solid security with aluminum slats laminated underneath OEM marine grade vinyl. The Roll-X Tradesman has mechanical locking rails that rotate in order to engage the cover the entire length of the bed and ensure your valuables are locked underneath when you return. Simply close and latch the cover, then lock it with your trucks tailgate lock. No Velcro! No Magnets! It’s BAK magic with our own patent pending design that will make criminals think twice. Roll-X Tradesman provides a 20” opening in front where your 19-20” contractor tool box will fit. Angle brackets and a flange plate will seal the box while the Roll-X Tradesman will cover, seal and protect the bed behind your tool box. The cover is a flush fit and simple to operate from either side. When you are looking to get the most protection from a tonneau cover that works with your favorite tool box, look no further than Roll-X Tradesman. If you are serious about your work you may choose to add a headache rack and tool box. And so, Roll-X Tradesman is also available with a 25” opening in the front so your 19-20” tool box along with your headache rack of choice will have plenty of room to mount and seal. Roll-X is an amazing new design that is worth looking into. This product is another leap forward in tonneau cover technology brought to you exclusively by BAK Industries.
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