Roll-X XT Tonneau Cover

Roll-X XT Innovation

BAK Industries has always been a leader in tonneau cover design and innovations. This year the engineers at BAK may have outdone themselves with the release of the All New Roll-X XT. The addition of the Xtreme Track to the Roll-X XT inner rail allows truck owners to add a host of accessories never available before. The Roll-X XT is a combination of all the right stuff that may make it the perfect cover for your truck.

 Roll-X XT

Roll-X XT Simplicity

Roll-X XT starts out with a new Heavy Duty version of the Roll-X tonneau cover design. New Heavy Duty mechanical locking rails are 2 ½ times larger than the standard Roll-X, which provide a more secure lock along the entire length of the bed. Larger locking blocks on the Roll-X XT top also allow the cover to fit with more forgiveness and provide simple installation for professional and novice installers alike. Easy clamp on installation provides an OE fit without modifying the truck and takes less time to install.


New Locking Levers and Automatic Return Spring Levers ensure the Roll-X XT rails do their job to lock down the cover for safe driving at highway speeds, while they guarantee quick release to access the pick up bed. Closing the cover at the tailgate automatically locks down the cover and rails. The bed is secured by locking the tailgate lock found as standard equipment on all new full size trucks. Of course if you truck did not come with a tailgate lock several aftermarket brands can be added to secure the cover and bed.


The Roll-X XT offers an easy and convenient roll-up design that rolls up on top of the rails so you do not loose any space in the bed. The Roll-X XT rolls into a compact coil that straps open at the cab to provide the visibility you’re looking for through your back window. Roll-X XT with it’s OE marine grade vinyl surface will be one of the most water tight covers you can use on your truck. The simple roll-up design does not require follow up adjustments like other retractable designs frequently do.


Roll-X XT Roll Top Construction

The Roll-X XT roll top is unlike any vinyl cover before. BAK Industries developed a new technology that allows OE marine grade vinyl to be laminated over the top of sturdy, secure, aluminum slats eliminating the need for sewing. In addition, the patented mechanical locking rail eliminates the need for Velcro or hook and loop. These two unique features create a better design since stitching and hook and look are typically where other vinyl covers will fail. Since Roll-X XT does not have a single stitch or any hook and loop/ Velcro you can expect it to last much longer without any service or repairs needed. Roll-X XT is also rigid so it will not flap in the wind while driving at highway speeds.


The Roll-X XT top sets flush with the bed rails for an attractive look while offering the convenient access to the bed without thinking ahead. The convenience to have your bed open or to instantly have security at the same time is critical to every truck owner.


Roll-X XT Accessories

But wait there’s so much more…. The real excitement comes when you see how all the new BAK XT Accessories can be used together to provide the maximum use of your truck bed space. Every Roll-X XT has mounting channels along the inner rails below the cover where T Bolt Hardware is inserted to mount a host of diverse accessories. 

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