BAKFlip Basics


If you're looking for a hard truck bed cover that does it all, the BAKFlip Series is it. From sleek contemporary styling to state of the art functionality, BAKFlip hard folding truck bed covers are sure to impress.

Constructed from tough aluminum or composite panels, all BAKFlip covers offer tough security, operate easily from either side of the truck, perform in all climates, provide full access to stake pockets, and most importantly, offer 100% unobstructed access to your entire truck bed. Hauling large items in your truck is never a problem. The ability to lock and load is finally an option with the patented features that only a BAKFlip can offer.

Finish Fundamentals

With all BAKFlips, you can expect a sleek, low-profile look, complemented by a stylish finish that provides its own set of beneficial features that work with the cover to protect the bed of your truck and the items within it. Check out our BAKFlip finishes comparison video, and explore the feature lists below to learn more.

Common Characteristics

All covers within the BAKFlip Series share a set of core features and benefits that are guaranteed to help you get the most out of your truck bed. Each feature listed below speaks to the strength, durability and functionality of all BAKFlip truck bed covers, and will enhance the way you use your truck on a daily basis.